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Selecting A Welding Hood That Your Are Comfortable With

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Welding is a taxing and challenging job that requires the welder to have the proper equipment to protect themselves. Things like a welding helmet can be a highly personal choice and need to be comfortable as well as offer the protection that the welder needs. 

Standard Welding Helmets

Welding helmets are available for a relatively little cost from welding supply stores as well as through tool stores and specialty suppliers. The standard helmet has not changed much; it offers protection for your face and a dark glass that allows you to see the weld, but filters the light to not cause damage to your eyes. 

Some helmets offer flip-up filters so you can use the helmet as a face shield to grind your welds or check your work between welds as well. 

Specialty Helmets

For welders that spend a lot of hours in their gear, a comfortable helmet is necessary. The helmet needs to fit well and cover your face and neck so that you are fully protected while wearing the helmet. 

A helmet without enough coverage can leave your neck and face exposed to UV (ultraviolet) light and can cause a burn like a sunburn on your skin. Slag and sparks can also land on your skin, causing burns that can be painful. Making sure the helmet covers everything it needs to is essential, so you may want to try several styles until you find one that is right for you. 

Auto Darkening Filters

Another option that can be extremely useful in your welding helmet is an auto-darkening filter. The filter is clear so you can see the work, and as soon as you strike the arc and begin to weld, the filter darkens and protects your eyes. If you are welding full time, a feature like this can make a difference and make your helmet more functional for you. 

Helmet Material

For years welding helmets were made from plastics that were durable and inexpensive. Alternative materials are becoming options for the professional welder. If you are in your welding helmet all day, you may want to consider a helmet made from ultralight material like carbon fiber. The helmet is much lighter than a standard helmet, and the durability far exceeds that of a standard helmet.

The cost of these helmets is a little higher than a standard helmet, but if you spend a lot of time welding, shaving off even a few ounces can make the helmet more comfortable to wear all day. Check with your local welding shop to see what specialty helmets that offer, or reach out to a company like CMR Fabrications.