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3 Reasons Machinery Dollies Can Be Useful In An Industrial Facility

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Many types of equipment are necessary in an industrial facility, and there are some situations when these pieces have to be moved. Having machinery dollies on hand can be a huge help in these situations. Here is a look at some of the times when you may need dollies on hand to transport equipment pieces within your industrial facility. 

Machinery dollies can be used during breakdowns. 

It is a common occurrence in an industrial facility where equipment is often used on an around-the-clock basis; machinery can and will break down at some point. When it does, it is not uncommon to have to bring in rented units to pick up the load temporarily while your own equipment is down for repairs. In order for rental equipment to be brought in, the equipment that is down for repairs will have to be moved out of the way, which is where it is extremely helpful if you have dollies around that can help you make space. 

Machinery dollies are helpful when reconfiguring your work floor. 

In some cases, it becomes necessary to reconfigure the work floor to better cater to the work that is taking place. Performing a reconfiguration in an industrial workspace is a highly challenging process because the equipment that has to be moved is so large and heavy. Many business owners facing such a monumental task have no choice but to reach out to other companies to help. If you have dollies that are specifically designed to move large pieces of equipment, it will not be necessary to hire a third party to do it for you. 

Machinery dollies are useful during facility-related work. 

Perhaps you need to have part of your concrete flooring redone, or maybe there is some painting taking place within the building and some of the equipment is in the way. In cases in which you are having your building worked on for one reason or another, the large pieces of equipment may have to be moved out of the way until the work is completed. Even moving something like a large boiler system or massive sealing machine a few inches can be practically impossible without some kind of equipment on hand to help do so. Having a few dollies on hand for moving machinery can make these processes much easier to handle so that the work you need done can get done in an efficient way.