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3 Items Beginners Need To Safely Use An Automatic Girth Welder

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Automatic girth welders are incredible machines often used for horizontal welds. If you're working with one for the first time, then the following items are important to invest in for your overall safety. 

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

The light that comes from this welding machine is extremely powerful, so much so that it can cause a condition known as arc eye. This can lead to permanent vision loss, making it important to wear a welding helmet during these welds. An auto-darkening welding helmet, more specifically, will help you protect your eyes and entire face as well. 

As soon as you strike up the automatic girth welder, the lens from this helmet will instantly darken to the appropriate levels. You'll be able to weld with ultimate confidence. Just make sure that the helmet you choose fits your head perfectly so that you can remain safe and comfortable. 

Anti-Slip Work Boots

When you're adjusting the parameters of an automatic girth welder, you need to always be able to retain footing. One misstep and a fall could leave you serious injured while this welding device is active. To keep your footing at all times, invest in some anti-slip work boots. 

The bottom are textured and made of rubber, a design that enables you to retain traction on virtually any surface. Even slippery substances like water won't cause you to lose your footing. A lot of these boots even have steel toes, which are helpful should heavy objects accidentally fall on your feet. 

Fireproof Gloves

Some of the materials you'll handle will be extremely hot, especially if the automatic girth welder has just finished working on them. As a result, you need to protect your hands from this heat. You can do just that with fireproof gloves. 

No matter how hot the materials are that you're handling around the automatic girth welder, the gloves will protect your hands from burns. The special material that the gloves are made of also won't catch fire at any point, which gives you confidence to work in these often extreme environments where you need to remain focused at all times. 

There are a lot of applications for automatic girth welders and they can make your operations much more effective overall. As long as you fully equip your body with the right gear and safety items, you can work with this machine with ultimate confidence as a beginner in this field.