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Why Your Plant Should Install An SCRS System For Your Commercial Boilers

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There's a lot that goes into keeping a commercial or water tube boiler running, and as the owner or manager of an industrial plant or power plant, you are likely always going over one maintenance checklist or another to make sure everything stays online. But if your plant is not running or correctly managing your Selective Catalytic Reduction System, or SCRS, for water tube boilers, you could run into a number of major problems. Here's what an SCRS does and why it's so important to have this system in place for your commercial boilers.

SCRS Reduces Your Plant's Emissions

SCRS was designed to help plants like yours reduce emissions that are harmful to the environment. Specifically, SCRS is used primarily to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxide, sometimes abbreviated as NOx.

Why Is Nitrogen Oxide Harmful?

Nitrogen oxide (sometimes called dioxide) is not harmful to the human body in very small amounts. But if your plant is putting more of this substance out in the air, you could be creating a major health catastrophe. Nitrogen oxide is harmful when a large amount is repeatedly breathed into the human lungs.

But let's put this another way: Even if you've never heard of nitrogen oxide, you've probably heard of power plants creating smog or acid rain. These are substances that can be created as the result of a power plant or industrial plant pumping too much nitrogen oxide into the local environment.

SCRS Protects Your Employees

While nitrogen oxide can be dangerous to anyone in your community, your plant's workers who are closest to the facility every day could be most at risk. You don't want to get hit with a lawsuit as a business owner when someone gets sick or develops a disease as a result of prolonged exposure to nitrogen oxide. An SCRS system will keep your community and most importantly your plant as safe as possible for all employees.

SCRS May Be the Law

Environmental regulations can vary from state to state or town to town, but in general, most towns have regulations in place that instruct commercial operations like yours to do everything they can to reduce negative emissions. If the city notices too much smog in the air and it's traced back to your plant, you could be at risk for a serious fine not to mention a public relations nightmare.

Your water boilers are necessary for your plant to get the job done but a properly working SCRS is necessary to reduce the emissions your plant is putting out into the air. Contact a local boiler expert today for more information.