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The Three Things Your Air Compressor Needs To Work Properly

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In order for your air compressor to work properly, it needs to have a stable source of power, a constant and controlled source of compressed air, and it has to be able to keep up the pressure.

If any of these things are compromised, your air compressor is not going to work as intended. If you use an air compressor for your business or home needs, it is important to know how to make sure your air compressor is getting power, maintaining pressure, and getting air.

A Source of Power

If the power goes out in your air compressor, there are a few things you can do. First, check and make sure the plug is fully plugged into the outlet. If the plug is pulled out even a little bit, the unit will not work properly. Second, make sure that the switch on the unit is turned on, and that no one accidentally turned the switch off.

If that doesn't solve it, the third thing you can do is hit the reset button. On most air compressors, the reset button is located near the power cord, next to the side of the motor for the unit. You just need to hold it down for a few seconds and release it in order to reset the internal circuit breaker for the unit.

If the unit still isn't turning on, try plugging it into a different outlet. The issue may lie with the outlet, not with the compressor. Finally, check and make sure that the power cord isn't damaged. If the power cord is damaged, your unit may not turn on. 

Keep Up the Pressure

The second thing a compressor needs in order to work properly is consistent pressure. If there is any damage to the air hose or any of the tools, your unit will not be able to maintain constant airflow and thus the right pressure.

Turn off your compressor. Then take some soap water and pour that soapy water over the fittings. Keep an eye out for bubbles. If you see bubbles around the fittings, you have a leak. You can fit a leak by adding some plumbers tape to the thread of the fitting. After you add plumbers' tape to the thread of the fitting, put the fitting back on. Run the water and bubbles test again to see if this worked. If not, you may need to use more plumber's tape to get a tight fit.

If a hose is damaged, you can put plumbers' tape around the leak. You are going to want to get a new hose as soon as possible though.

Keep the Air Flowing

Finally, your air compressor needs a consistent source of air in order to work properly. Make sure nothing is in the way of the air intake valve on the air compressor. You can adjust the pressure maintaining valve in order to get the right level of pressure.

If you can't figure out why your air compressor isn't working properly after using the advice above, call in an air compressor repair technician to help you further pinpoint the issue and come up with a repair solution.