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Troubleshoot Your Printed Circuit Boards With Analysis Equipment

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If you're having multiple issues with your printed circuit boards, you could be using the wrong troubleshooting methods. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) can experience a host of issues you may not be able to detect with traditional troubleshooting methods or equipment. You need to use analysis equipment instead. Learn how why traditional PCB troubleshooting methods may not work well for you and how the right analyzation tools may below.

What Should You Know About Traditional PCB Troubleshooting?

Traditional troubleshooting methods, such as visual checks, physical inspections, and peel strength testing, may only find some of your circuit board problems. Problems, such as plating voids and slivers, may go unnoticed well after you've shipped or sold your products.  

You may also need to use special tools or expensive add-ons to inspect or troubleshoot your circuit boards. Multimeters can become costly to maintain or repair over time. High-voltage tools may also require you or your employees to follow strict safety protocols when they use them. 

You can find a better way to troubleshoot and repair your printed circuit boards. You can use analysis equipment.

How Does Analysis Equipment Benefit Your PCBs?

Analysis equipment, such as thermographic cameras and high-powered microscopes, can locate defects in your PCBs you can't find easily. For example, thermographic cameras and high-powered microscopes pick up details in your circuit boards you might miss visually or physically, such as small overheating wires or warped contacts. 

The equipment can also:

  • help you detect plating voids, slivers, and other defects in your circuit boards
  • measure and calculate the tensile strength of your circuit boards
  • review the soldering quality of your circuit boards
  • test the electrical safety of your circuit boards

Analysis equipment may provide or offer many other benefits your company may find useful now or in the future. 

When you're ready to order analysis equipment, call or email an equipment supplier for assistance. You want to choose equipment that works for all types of PCBs, including small circuit boards and advanced circuit boards. If you need special analysis tools for your advanced circuit boards, a supplier can assist you in finding them.

In addition to analysis equipment, a supplier may also offer better or upgraded multimeters you can use for your circuit boards. The upgraded multimeters may come equipped with clearer LCD display screens, readings, and safety features you can use during small repairs. 

Find the solutions you need for your printed circuit board problems by contacting a dealer or supplier today.  

Reach out to a company for more information on printed circuit board analysis equipment.