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2 Signs Your Equipment's Hidden Hydraulic Seals Need To Be Replaced

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If you have noticed that your factory's hydraulic equipment has not been working properly, there is a chance that the seals are either damaged or started to deteriorate. However, since you can only visually inspect the top seal, you may be hesitant to take the machine apart to check the others. If so, look for the signs below that the seals may need to be replaced and warrant the visual inspection to determine their condition.

1.  Pressure Decreases as the Piston Pushes Through the Cylinder

One sign that one or more of the seals within the hydraulic equipment needs to be replaced is when you notice a decrease in pressure as it is in operation. Normally, when the fluid level is within normal limits, the pressure should have a slight increase as the piston pumps into it to generate the power needed to operate the machine.

However, if the seals are damaged, there may be a leak somewhere within the system, creating a decrease in the fluid level. As the piston pushes through the fluid, the decreased fluid will cause a decrease in pressure as it is forced through the seal.

Eventually, if the seal is not replaced, the cylinder will not create enough pressure to operate the equipment. If this happens, it will break down.

2.  Puddles of Hydraulic Fluid Are Found on the Outside of the Equipment

Another sign that one of the hidden seals is damaged and needs replacing is when you find puddles of hydraulic fluid around the outside of the equipment. At first, there may only be small drops of the fluid as it leaks through the seals.

However, as the seals become more worn or damaged, the puddles will start to grow. If you cannot find any obvious signs of damage, such as a crack in the cylinder or a loose line, the culprit is most likely a leaking seal within the system.

If you notice the above signs, you should take the equipment apart so that you can visually inspect the seals to see if they are deteriorating or have suffered any damage. If so, they will need to be replaced to prevent any problems or complete breakdown while using the equipment. Contact an industrial equipment and supply company that sells hydraulic seals and let them know the type and model number of the equipment so that they can direct you toward the seals you need for it.