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Why You Should Purchase A Definite Purpose Contactor With Sealed Housing

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Definite purpose contactors are used to power and provide load control for various types of equipment, such as heating and air conditioning equipment, refrigeration equipment, and more. Most definite purpose contactors that are available have sealed housings, but not all of them do. If you're purchasing a definite purpose contactor, however, you'll want to specifically look for one that has sealed housing for these reasons and more.

Protect it From Moisture

A definite purpose contactor is an electrical part that has electrical wiring and other electrical components. As you can probably imagine, it's not a good idea for it to be exposed to moisture. If it gets wet, you have to worry about parts being damaged. Also, although definite purpose contactors typically have safety features in place to help prevent electrical fires, there is an increased risk of a fire starting if your definite purpose contactor and its inside components become wet. If you choose one that has a sealed housing, however, you shouldn't have to worry about it getting wet, even if it's used outdoors or in a facility where a lot of cleaning products are used or where a lot of moisture is present for one reason or another, such as due to steam.

Protect it From Contaminants

Not only should you make sure that the inner workings of your definite purpose contactor are protected from moisture, but you'll want to be sure that they are protected from contaminants, too. For example, you might be worried about your inner components being exposed to dust particles, grease, dirt, and more. If you choose a definite purpose contactor that has properly sealed housing, you can be sure that it's properly protected from contaminants. Then, it should be easy for you to simply dust or clean off the outside of the housing from time to time and you shouldn't have to worry about dirt or contaminants too much beyond that.

Cut Down on Noise

Lastly, although your definite purpose contactor shouldn't be too noisy, it might make some noise when it's in operation. If it has sealed housing, however, the housing can help prevent it from being too loud.

Purchasing a definite purpose contactor is a good idea since you can use it to control your heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, or other systems in your business. When you are shopping for a definite purpose contactor, just make sure that you choose one that has properly sealed housing.

For more information, contact a company that sells definite purpose contactors