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Repairing Problems Your Business's Electric Motors Could Encounter

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There are many pieces of your business's industrial equipment that will rely on electric motors to function. While these motors can be efficient and quiet, they can experience any number of different malfunctions that may result in the need for major repairs to be done.

Overheating Can Cause Severe Damage To The Electric Motor

An electric motor can generate very large amounts of heat, and as a result, overheating can be a serious problem for these systems. If the unit is allowed to overheat, it can result in some of the internal components of the electric motor degrading to the point where the system may no longer function correctly. Often, individuals may assume that this will only be a problem if the system is able to reach extremely high temperatures. However, running slightly hotter than normal can still contribute to severe deterioration over the course of time. Actively monitoring the temperature of your business's electric motors can help it with identifying potential problems that may be arising with the system.

Faulty Voltage Regulators Can Be Significant

Your electrical motor will need the voltage that is flowing through it to be carefully regulated. If there are issues with this voltage, it could increase the risk of damage and performance issues arising with the electric motor. As a result, most electric motor systems will rely on voltage regulators that will be able to help you control the strength of the voltage that is being supplied to the motor. As the motor ages, these regulators can be more prone to suffering substantial wear and tear that may cause them to lose effectiveness. This could result in voltage spikes to the electric motor, and these spikes may be able to cause significant damage to the interior components of the unit. While replacing a voltage regulator can be a relatively inexpensive repair, it will need to be done promptly to minimize the risk of secondary damages occurring to the system.

Corroded Components

Corrosion is another common source of damage to electric motors. In addition to the risk of the motor's mechanical components corroding and being unable to move, there can also be a risk of corrosion impacting the circuit boards, electrical connections, and other critical components of the electric motor. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to restore components that have been compromised by corrosion, and this means that any components with this damage may likely need to be completely replaced. Ensuring that the seals and gaskets of the electric motor are well-maintained can help to minimize corrosion by stopping moisture from getting into it. 

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